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Scotty was born in Akron, Ohio and lived there until he moved to Delray Beach, Florida, in 2004.

His interest in square dancing began after his parents sold their competitive dance/roller-skating hall; they decided they needed another passion and so started taking square dance lessons. They took 10-year-old Scotty to the lessons and the moment Scotty heard the caller he said, “That's what I want to do!”

Scotty's father sold a circular saw and used the money to buy Scotty some used equipment, and Scotty began to teach himself to call. Eventually Scotty went to Caller's College in Pennsylvania with teachers Ronnie (Ron) Schneider and Jack Lasry, and later studied under Don Rand.

Scotty did not support himself just by calling; he also worked in his father's business as a graphic artist.

Marlene grew up in Pennsylvania and danced there for eight years. Scotty first met Marlene at a dance at Kent State University when he was only 17 and she was already dancing challenge. However, they did not get together for another seven years. For most of her career, Marlene worked in the public schools in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Marlene started dancing with Scotty and his parents regularly when she moved to Ohio in 1978.

Scotty and Marlene were married 1981 in Sumpter County, Americus, GA where Marlene's parents lived. They have taken many square dance vacations and on a trip to Hawaii with Jerry Story they did not know that their daughter went as well; Marlene was pregnant before they left but she did not realize it!

In 1986 their daughter Sara was born. Sara not only square dances, but she clogs as well! No matter what they are doing, Scotty, Marlene, and Sara are very close and spend a lot of time together.

Scotty and Marlene have offered dancing programs from beginners through C1. The first they offered together was in 1982 and they had 72 students graduate. In addition to his square dance clubs, Scotty is employed by Lynn University as the Assistant Director of Facilities.

Scotty and Marlene both love the Florida dancers and hope to meet many of you in the coming years. We will do our best to be a positive addition to the Florida Square Dance community!

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