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Dancing Alone An Article by Michael A. Craft
Wagon Wheel's Last Dance A Video from Stills by Michael A. Craft

Square Dance Caller Index

Chris Phillips [Florida / worldwide] - Basic (Parties) through C-3B*
Elmer Sheffield [North Florida] - Mainstream & Plus
Gene McCullough [Central Florida] - Beginners through Plus
Jack Lewis [South Florida] - All dance levels & cues rounds
John Swindle [Central Florida] - Beginners through Advanced
Rod Barngrover [Central Florida - Beginners and Mainstream
Scotty Sharrer [South Florida] - Beginners through A2
Shaun Werkele [Colorado/Traveling Nationally] - Basic (Parties) through A-2*
Wade Morrow [Worldwide] - Mainstream through C-1*

Square Dance Club Index

A-Jacks (Advanced) - Boynton Beach, Florida
A-Stars (Advanced) - Port Orange, Florida
Bay Waves - Ontario, Canada
Canaveral Squares - Rockledge, Florida
Capital Twirlers - Tallahassee, Florida
Casselberry Hoedowners - Casselberry, Florida
Castoffs - Boynton Beach, Florida
Flying Squares - Kansas City, Missouri
Granada Squares Denim & Lace - Ormond Beach, Florida*
Plus R Us - Birmingham, Alabama
Scotty Dog Squares - Boynton Beach, Florida
Shelby Shufflers - Birmingham, Alabama
Skirts and Shirts - Wiggins, Colorado
Spindrifters - Port Orange, Florida
Sun City Square & Round Dance Club - Townsville, Queensland, Australia*
Whirl & Twirl - Orlando, Florida
Wrangler Country Squares - Barberville, Florida

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